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About Us

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The Polaris Counseling Office was opened in June 2020 in order to provide clients with high-quality psychological counseling services. Polaris means "Pole Star". Life sometimes is perceived as a long journey, and every journey is fraught with turmoil. A long time ago, when there were no maps or compasses, travelers used Polaris as a guide to keep illuminating the same position. When they were hurry, tried to go home, or got lost and stop, the light of the Polaris in the dark night sky should show a guidance for them.

Unfortunately, counselors are not omnipotent, and there is no one effective solution for everyone. However, I hope that what you gain from the counseling here will be a light for your heart and a guide to reach your destination safely.

Our Policy

Polaris Counseling Office is committed to the following policies:
All office professionals and staff agree with this policy.

We always strive to provide high quality service.

Since counseling/therapy is conducted in a closed space, it is a very difficult task to evaluate its effect and value.
Polaris Counseling Office has only professionals with certified clinical psychologist (JP) and licenced psychologist (JP) (or equivalent foreign qualifications) and at least 3 years of clinical experience.
In addition, we regularly evaluate counselors, strive to understand the counselor's expertise and competence, provide training and guidance necessary for each counselor.

We appreciate diversity and oppose any discrimination

All staff members will give the utmost consideration to all diversity, including gender, age, nationality and race. All the counselors will learn about the ability to properly handle the differences in counseling (multicultural counseling) and professionally demonstrate the ability.

We provide quality training and learning opportunities to help professional education.

Polaris Counseling Office provides all counselors with regular clinical competence training and supervision opportunities.
As a team, we provide oppotunities for regular learning, rather than relying solely on the study of individual counselors to improve clinical abilities.

What is Counseling?

Although there are various types of mental health counseling, a broad definition of mental health counseling we prefer is that the counselor and the client (customer) communicate and meet the client’s needs within a certain time commitment. Depending on the client’s needs, the counselor can be a listener, a collaborating partner, or a training coach. Various psychotherapeutic technics (psychoanalysis, cognitive behavior therapy, etc.) may be used in a session.

The example of therapeutic approach/theory

  • Psycho Analysis
  • CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Person Centered Approach
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • How We Can Help You through Multicultural Counseling?

    Multicultural counseling is a type of counseling where the therapist addresses the struggles of a client whose race, gender, socioeconomic background, religion, or any other part of their identity doesn't fit in with the majority. Minorities have a history of dealing with racism and oppression, and in this lens, a counselor that doesn't take that information into account isn't able to effectively counsel. In the therapy session, the sociocultural environment of the individual and issues of power and privilege are given attention. This is a strengths-based approach; counselors focus on positive change in both the process and the outcome (Gelso, C. J., Williams, E. N., & Fretz, B. R. (2014). Counseling psychology.). We recognized and focused on the competence of multicultural counseling in order to assess our clients, to recognize their needs, and support them toward the goal, in diverse society.

    Our English Speaking Professionals

    Aya YUASA

    Availability:Mon(9:00~19:00), Tue(14:00~19:00), Thurs(9:00~19:00), Sat(9:00~19:00)

    Profile:After graduating from Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2004, lived in the United States for the next 11 years. After earning a master's degree in psychology from Brooklyn College in 2010 and a master's degree in counseling psychology from Long Island University in 2013, completed intern training at Metro Club PROS, a day care facility for the mentally ill. Received a doctor's degree (Psychology) from the Graduate School, Meiji Gakuin University in 2020. Works as a psychologist at a psychiatric clinic, welfare facility, and harassment counseling room at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. Since 2020, has been a part-time lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Teikyo University.
    Comments:I have earned master's degrees in counseling and psychology in New York, and had 2 years of clinical experience in the U.S. and 5 years of it in Japan (Sep 2020). I earned Ph.D degree in the field of multiculturalism in counseling. In counseling sessions, I especially value imagination and empathy in order to respect various clients' needs. If you expect your counselor to be a "native speaker," unfortunately I am not the one. However, if you expect your counselor to be culturally sensitive and understandable with skills of empathy, I could be one of your choice. Please do not hesitate to call us, anytime you have any concern.
    Therapeutic Approaches:Person-centered approach, Cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), Multicultural counseling
    Language:Japanese, English
    Specialties:mood disorders, stress management, intercultural adaptation, PTSD/Trauma, SST
    Research: Multiculturalism, Multicultural training to mental health professionals
    Qualifications:Ph.D.(Psychology), Certified clinical psychologist (JP), Certified public psychologist(JP), Provisional Mental Health Counselor (NY)

    Wakako NAKANO


    Profile:Completed the Master's Program in Clinical Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities, GAKUSHUIN University. Worked for about 10 years as a sales representative for a Japanese trading company and a foreign airline company. After working at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and the Health Management Office of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, she currently works at the National Institute of Mental Health, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, where she is engaged in clinical research on stress-related disorders, mainly PTSD, and eating disorders.
    Comments:I am involved in CBT treatment for those who have been victims of domestic violence, abuse, crime, etc., and provide psychological support to help them regain a secure life. As a former company employee myself, I have also been engaged in the treatment of those who feel stress from working in a company. Through self-understanding in terms of cognition, thinking habits, and ways of communication, I aim to provide support that will lead to a way of life that is unique to you in the future.

    Being a Christian, which is rare in Japan, I have found it difficult to live even though I am Japanese. Although I am not a native English speaker, I understand the difficulty of coexisting with people who have different beliefs. I am happy to help people live more comfortably regardless of religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation.

    Therapeutic Approaches:Person Centered Approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Language:Japanese, English
    Specialties:anxiety disorders, trauma, PTSD (PE), eating disorders (CBT-E), career and workplace relationships
    Psychological testing: WAIS, projective methods (Rorschach, LMT, Baum test, SCT, etc.)
    Qualifications:Certified clinical psychologist (JP)

    Our Schedule

    Time Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
     9:00〜13:00 YUASA YUASA YUASA
    13:00〜19:00 YUASA

    *If you are using a smartphone and have difficulty seeing the schedule, please lay the screen sideways.

    *The above counselors will provide counseling / therapy in Japanese.

    *Please see each counselor's profile for more detailed time schedule.

    About our Services

    Counseling(face to face)(50min.)12,000JPY

    You will come to our office and talk to your counselor. All counselors hold qualifications such as clinical psychologist.

    Couple Counseling(face to face/Online)(90min.)22,000JPY

    Couples counseling (also couples' therapy, marriage counseling, or marriage therapy) attempts to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts.

    Online Counseling (50min.) 12,000JPY

    Online counseling is a counseling session using ZOOM etc. If you have an internet access, no special preparation is required.

    Psychological Testings

    Psychological tests conducted by a qualified professional. It can help you to know your IQ, help your doctor to make psychiatric diagnoses and make treatment decisions, and help you and people around you to have better understand yourself.

    Available Tests

    • WAIS-Ⅳ (American version)
      Time required: 3 hours, 25,000 yen including feedback session after 3weeks and report (An official Japanese report with English annotations)

    How to Make your Appointment

    By Phone

    Reception Time: Mon,Wed,Thurs,Sat 10:00-17:00
    Please tell us the day and time that is convenient for you.If you have any prefered therapeutic approaches and/or any preferences, you can also let us know.

    By Email

    Email: info@polaris-cog.com
    Contact Form:Click here
    Please tell us the day and time that is convenient for you. If you have any prefered therapeutic approaches and/or any preferences, you can also let us know.

    Questionnaires and forms

    You can also write them in advance.

  • Consent form for an individual counseling→
  • Consent form for a couple counseling→
  • Our Location

  • Polaris Counseling Office is located on the 4th floor of the Tokyo Life Building, 1-3 Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0843.
  • 3-minute walk from Ichigaya Station on the JR Chuo / Nambu Line, and a 1-minute walk from Exits 6 and 7 of the Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, and Yurakucho Line.
  • It takes 30 seconds to walk by using the elevator between Exits 6 and 7.
  • We are Located on the right side of Family Mart, on the 4th floor of the Tokyo Life Building, where the 1st floor is ”あい(Ai) dental clinic”. Take the elevator to the 4th floor.