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お知らせ "ヘルプ for ALL”についてNotification about our project "help for ALL"









To all who suffer from news of a military invasion of Ukraine (English)

Polaris Counseling is pleased to announce that we will offer free counseling to those who have suffered this situation and need psychological support following the recent military invasion of Ukraine. The Polaris Counseling Office does not take the position of an ally or enemy of any country, any politics, any religion. If you or anyone around you has intolerable mental distress in this situation and is in need of help, please take what we can do.

<For>Japanese and English speakers, 16+

<How>Face-to-face, online counseling (voice only/video), period and number of times will be decided after consultation

<How to Apply>Please send a dedicated form (https://forms.gle/xogqn9hgCEKvS82PA) or let us know at info@polaris-cog.com, stating that you need free counseling. Anonymous is possible. No certificate is required. It doesn't matter if you are from any country or nationality.

<When>March, 2022〜June, 2022

This counseling will be conducted by a qualified expert belonging to the Polaris Counseling Office.

Attention and request: The application will be closed as soon as the reservation space is filled. Due to our limited resources, we do not appreciate any mischief or accusation, for those who really need help.